• Your Challenge

    Being a practice owner today

    is tougher than ever before

    Dentistry is rapidly changing. And the trends happening right now in the dental industry are only going to intensify. Declining treatment acceptance rates, decreasing insurance reimbursements, more dentists entering the market….and less leaving it, increasing corporate pressures…..all ultimately meaning…..more and more competition for you….which means less financial security (and more stress and anxiety) than ever before!

    Attracting new patients

    has never been more difficult

    Great marketing has become the biggest differentiator today between dentists who are financially successful and those who are struggling just to keep their head above water. But, where can you turn? Hiring a marketing company that uses cookie cutter solutions, delivers sub-par results, and doesn’t have your best interest at heart (or worse yet – trying to do your marketing yourself) is a recipe for wasting your precious time and hard earned money.

    You need a dedicated marketing expert...

    to help you differentiate yourself from the competition and become the go-to-dentist in your area. Someone who truly understands your unique situation…. who is looking out for you first and foremost….navigating the complex world of dental marketing….to ensure you have a differentiated and winning marketing strategy….and making certain that you’re getting the best possible results from your marketing investment.

    To guide you to success!

    Because you deserve a happy ending! To finally have the stress and anxiety removed from your life....and to simply focus on providing great care for your patients….because the fun shouldn’t be taken out of the profession you love!

  • How I Can Help

    I help dentists, by running their entire marketing function (end-to-end),

    to ensure their financial success….so they can simply focus on their practice and patients.

    Kent Sears, MBA

    Dental Marketing Consultant

  • As your dedicated marketing expert, I will:

    Increase Your Profits

    The majority of dental marketing money is wasted on initiatives that don’t produce results. You have two options – either put that money back in your pocket, or direct it towards marketing that does work. I’ll operate within the budget parameters you’re comfortable with and either lower your cost to acquire new patients, or re-allocate your investment to focus on what really works….and double, or even triple, your number of new patients. And all of this so you can simply focus on providing great care for your patients….because the fun shouldn’t be taken out of the profession you love!

    Eliminate Your Stress

    Does the world of dental marketing feel unnecessarily complex and overwhelming? Ever feel like the people you’ve hired for marketing services don’t really have your best interest in mind? Tired of paying premium prices for cookie cutter solutions? Frustrated with being locked into long-term contracts and feeling like you're being held hostage. You need someone who can navigate the confusing world of dental marketing for you. Someone whose incentives are directly aligned with yours. And someone who is working directly for you and looking after your best interests – 100%, all of the time.

    Give You Back Your Time

    You don’t really want to spend your precious time worrying about what marketing activities you should be focused on, or whether you’re getting the results you should be (much less were promised) out of your marketing spend, or even having to manage under-performing vendors who are delivering underwhelming results. You want to focus on providing great patient care….knowing that you have a dedicated partner, by your side, who is managing your marketing end-to-end (from strategy through implementation) and ensuring you’re getting the optimal return on your hard-earned investment.

  • My Approach

    Every practice is unique, so we'll define exactly what the right program looks like to meet your individual goals and aspirations.

    Generally speaking though, I will work on your behalf to:

    Develop a winning marketing strategy

    Marketing and advertising are two very different things. Simply hiring a company to run pay-per-click advertising and send out mailers is NOT a winning marketing strategy. Great marketing is much broader and deeper. It cannot be achieved through cookie cutter tactics. For your practice to be truly successful, you need a differentiated strategy that enables you to stand out as the go-to-dentist in your crowded marketplace.

    Establish a clear execution plan

    Did you know 80% of dental marketing initiatives actually lose money? A shotgun approach to dental marketing does not work. You need a clear, linear, and detailed execution plan to deliver the right solutions, at the right time, and in the right sequence. That's why it's so critical to have the right baseline marketing activities in place before you can expect to see a positive return on investment, and strong growth, from more advanced marketing initiatives.

    Secure the most effective services and solutions

    Don't waste your valuable time trying to sort through the hundreds of marketing companies and products out there trying to figure our which ones will actually deliver results. I’ll navigate the complex world of dental marketing for you to ensure we’re selecting the right services and solutions at the appropriate price point to get you the results you need.

    Coordinate solution design and implementation

    You don’t really want to stay in the office until late into the evening going over website design details, deciding on keywords for your pay-per-click campaigns, or managing software installations do you? I’ll handle all the details of designing and implementing your marketing solutions, so you can focus on what you need to.…which is delivering quality care for your growing list of patients.....and getting home to your family at a decent hour each evening!

    Guarantee third-party providers are held accountable

    One of the most stressful aspects of marketing can be dealing with third party vendors....especially those that don't deliver on what they've promised. I’ll make sure you’re getting the results you were told and that you're not getting yanked around by these marketing companies. I’ll tackle the tough conversations when the results aren’t coming in….and I’ll make sure the issues get fixed!

    Implement solutions successfully within your team

    Great marketing requires both strong external and internal execution. If your team isn’t executing at a high quality level (e.g. missed calls, scheduling gaps, poor customer experience), then your external marketing investment is literally being wasted. I’ll make sure your marketing solutions are successfully embedded within your practice’s internal processes and being executed upon effectively by your team.

    Manage the bottom line

    You need someone actively tracking and overseeing your marketing to know how it's impacting your bottom line …..determining what’s working…..what’s not....what adjustments need to be made…..and continuously ensuring you’re getting the optimal return on your investment. I'll manage all of the fine details to provide you with the executive view you need in order to understand how your marketing is performing and how it's impacting your profitability. And I'll ensure you're getting the results you need for a successful and happy ending!

  • Testimonials

    Dr. Alan Stern

    Ocean Township, NJ

    Kent is a master marketer and analyst. He provides insight into dental marketing that we dentists simply have not been made aware of in our training and experience. His perspective is eye-opening.

    Dr. Orrin Mackey

    Cottonwood, AZ

    Kent presents a clear method to guide you in a marketing plan designed specifically for your practice. It is an invaluable education for the new and experienced practice owner

    Dr. Carrie Black

    Tampa, FL

    Working with Kent was a fantastic decision! My practice has grown tremendously over the past year, and I finally feel like I have a real marketing plan in place.

    Dr. Mircea Mitu

    Manteca, CA

    Kent is very knowledgeable. He delivered a very well structured program with very good implementation strategies. I highly recommend him and his services.

  • Let's Talk

    Contact me for a complimentary consultation and let's discuss your opportunities for success!

  • About

    I’m not originally from the dental industry......and that's a good thing.....because my background in business consulting and marketing strategy allows me to bring a unique perspective and entirely different approach with fresh insights.


    I’ve worked around the globe, both in private and public sector, across a multitude of industries consulting to several successful organizations, and driving marketing strategy directly for leading companies like Microsoft and T-Mobile. I now partner with dentists to help them realize their full business potential through more effective marketing strategies and learn how to survive and thrive in this ever-increasingly competitive landscape.


    In my free time, my two passions are exploring the world and being with my adorable family…luckily they travel well. :) Highlights of our most recent adventure include seeing the city of Kuala Lumpur from 1,500 feet above the ground, exploring ancient Buddhist temples in Bali, and perhaps most memorable....bathing and feeding baby elephants in Indonesia.